Intercoastal Fishing in Charleston, SC.

Hi there. I’d like to hear about some good spots to put in at in the Charleston area and hopefully do some fishing soon.

If he doesn’t see your post and respond
email Fishingyak, formerly Yakonfly. He’s in the Beaufort area near you. There’s also a South Carolina kayak fishing forum.

Well, our guide to Charleston area
yak fishing is off to Alaska, so he won’t be responding most likely.

Charleston Fishing
I am from the Charleston, SC area and I fish the Ashley River from a canoe. I am fishing the Goose Creek Reservoir this weekend. I will let you know how it turns out.

Goose Creek Reservoir
My girls and I ventured out on the Goose Creek Res. this morning and did pretty good. My oldest daughter caught two, mine youngest daughter caught three and I caught one. All the fish were bream, but they were good size.

My daughters caught theirs on night-crawlers about 18 inches deep. I caught mine on a Rapala. I usually put another line in the water, but they were hitting my daughters’ line so hard I had to pay attention with them.

We were only out for less than three hours and we did well.

Here is a pic of our little LowCounty Redneck canoe: