Interest in November Kayak/Canoe Fishing

The local kayak community here has two races a year, one in March and one in November. In addition to the races, they have kayak demos and other activities. I approached some of the organizers yesterday with the idea of sponsoring a Kayak/Canoe Fishing Tourney for the November event. (Too late to plan and execute for March, but maybe twice a year option.)

My question, would any of you be willing to travel to Coastal South Carolina the first week of November to enter such a contest?

The concept is to use a similiar one used by Tourney Trout Fishermen, with two kayak teams having a proctor to verify and record the caught fish. (Catch and Release) I am thinking of a $50.00 entrance fee with prizes for 1st through 3rd places in each division (Redfish and Seatrout).

Since the kayak racers are insured as part of the race fee, the sponsors think that getting insurance for fishermen would be accomplished under the same umbrella.

If I get enough interest in the next couple of weeks, I will approch them again with the results, and see if doable.

(BTW: If you answer this poll, please do not answer the same poll if you see it on other forums, as I am trying to spread the message far and wide, and would like to have fairly accurate numbers to move forward with.)


Sounds cool
I hope it works out for you. I don’t think I would go all the way to SC for a fishing tourney. We have several kayak fishing events here on the Texas coast each year so traveling that far doesn’t make sense for me.

Willing? Sure.
Able? Not likely.

Race and Fishing Tourney
I am not really that interested in winning a race or competing in a fishing tournament. I would be interested in paraticipating in both, but would not be cut throat. I would be more interested in meeting and fishing with fellow paddlefishers and yakkers.