Interesting article about sunscreen

This has been on my “to-read” list for a week or more and I don’t remember where I saw the link, but is entirely possible that someone hear posted it and I am just re-posting. If so, apologies for not attributing it to you. In any case, I found it very interesting and thought some people here might as well.


Good article .
Now we have sunlit places covered with 3/4 naked young women. My oldest daughter got her butt blistered as a teenager and has had at least one cancer removed.
I get as much sun as I can without burning . My head and face are my dermatologist’s retirement plan. All that damage was done as a child.

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Do everything in moderation. Getting sunburned is never good. Covering up in the sun is better than a bunch of chemicals. The article is kinda junk to me.

The vitamin D supplement industry is a scam. After the fake articles about vit D levels and disease, the laboratory industry raised the normal ranges. Raising the normal blood range put millions into a category of low vit D, which was false. Finally in 2010, the Institute of Medicine made this clear . Vit D supplements are still pushed to this day.

thanks for sharing- enjoyed the article, very informative. Now how about your skin, bugs, and deet? Anything that corrodes the plastic on a swiss army knife can’t be good for your skin but it beats gettting eaten alive. If something is going to kill me, it might as well be nature. With that attitude I just might live a long time and enjoy it.

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A lot of backpackers and hammock campers use Picaridin instead of deet as it doesn’t melt your gear or mutate your genes. :grin:

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On over night river trips I now tend to wear gloves and use a buff when a I feel the sun. I am losing my fear of dermatoligists. I have not been sunburned in 3 years for the first time in my life. Going to the doc next week.