Interesting Article re Day Buoys in Maine from The Working Waterfront

I don’t have an opinion but thought this was interesting reading. Especially since some of us with older waterproof charts may show some of these markers.

Mariners call for navigational aid maintenance

"Lighthouses and buoys aren’t the only navigational aids on which mariners rely for safe transit. Structures known as day shapes or beacons, often built on ledges, also warn boaters away from danger, and some mariners have complained that as they deteriorate, the Coast Guard is failing to maintain them.

Rep. Chellie Pingree, representing Maine’s 1st Congressional District, which includes Penobscot Bay, has written a letter to federal agencies opposing the decision to “disestablish” two such navigational aids on what are deemed hazardous areas near the Fox Island Thorofare…"

The fishermen in South Bristol Harbor put up their own day beacon on a rock alongside the channel. Unfortunately, it fell into disrepair and then disappeared one year and hasn’t been replaced. I expect that ice would be rough on something like this.

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Sirens on the rocks! The human kind, not the bullhorn kind.