Interesting article

Good illustrations and explanations
As a non-sea kayaker, I can’t speak to the correctness of everything he said, but it seems reasonable and internally consistent.

Years Ago
I had the honor of paddling with LIV2PADDLE aka Dan Colodney. He was an old salt and I was just learning this stuff. I’ll never forget his hands as he paddled. It looked like his hands were open and the paddle was held to his palms with magnets or glue. I’ve yet to meet another paddler with a style like that. Really impressive. Body English for sure. I doubt he was much aware of what his hands were doing or what they looked like to a piker like me.

Yes a good explanation of paddling
I try to do this when I paddle, and use the thumb and index finger holding lightly. It was good to be reminded of being horizontal in the water rather than vertical when remounting from deep water.

lateral displacement versus knee lift
I agree, good article with many fine points.

I don’t care for the knee lift, as described, to lean the kayak to deal with weathercocking (although this is what is usually taught). Something that I was shown in Greenland, and now teach, is to simply slide your butt laterally toward the side you want the kayak to lean. I was dumbfounded with the simplicity of this when first shown it.

This “passive” lean still allows you to fully use your legs for a strong leg drive. I find that if I try to lean the kayak by a knee lift, as described, that it interferes with leg drive and also is murder on the lower back after several miles.

Of course, this only works if you don’t have thick hip pads holding you tightly in place. Such pads aren’t usually used for Greenland-style anyway, since they prevent you from getting your weight low, when doing skills such as side sculling and static braces.

Greg Stamer

Finally, Someone Says It Right!

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With an illustration too. Regarding: "That force travels up the shaft, through your body and out along the boat, moving it in response those external forces." How refreshing to read this, since it is usually the opposite that's emphasized.

the J ?

The J lean position ? incomprehensible….exact opposite of good form.


Humor ?

Paddling stroke exercise balance is repetitive conscious:

Left foot knee body forward on right paddle

Right foot knee body left paddle.

Not as easily done as read.

Surfing is done with the buttocks…from last instructor of note whose name I forget.