Interesting board stuff

I made a comment in the thread about the older couple who drowned but saved their grand children. In retrospect , it was a little heartless.
Someone flagged it and it was removed from the discussion and I was notified.
A couple of days later, I was notified that it had been reviewed and returned to the thread.

…and that was the first time that happened?

Yes it was.

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I’m always amazed at how others want to–and indeed, need to–control what others say. They are very petty, intolerant and angry people…who have control issues.

I forgot where I read it, but the zenith, the highest form of totalitarian control is when the populace censors themselves. They’ve done their work as they no longer need to be as heavy handed. Self censorship is living in that invisible cage…that the individual makes around themselves.

Control Speech
you control thought
Control thought
you control actions
Control actions
you control the human being

and you have stolen a human life.

Mind posting a link to the thread so we can see what was so controversial?