Interesting dugout canoes being used on the Klamath

Also thought this might be of broader interest.
Guardians of the River | American Rivers

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Thanks for the post castoff.
The Klamath is the second largest river in California and it supports a wonderful salmon fishery and Native people. I have run it a few times in a raft, lots of technical Class III rapids and some IVs and one unrunnable Falls at Ishi Pishi.

There are three dams on the river that are likely to be removed which will greatly enhance the fishery.

It seems they will start removing the Damns in 2023. It seems this country decided to damn (pun intended) every potential site in years gone by. There was little to no regard for the impacts on fish populations. Amazingly they can trace the impact of salmon well up into the landscape away from the river. They dramatically impact the productivity of the forest well away from the river. Also Dams in the NW have an impact on top ocean predators’ like the Orca. The ocean fisheries also suffer. The Savanah River has 5 man made reservoirs. As much as I love paddling and camping on lake Jocassee I sort of wish the gorges there had been left natural.

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Thanks for the link. It will be good to let the rivers go free again.

Doug, when are you going to start on your dugout? It’s the only paddle craft you don’t have.
Chop and burn your way to a new boat!

:rofl: Don’t think I haven’t thought about it. A number of years ago Newnan’s Lake near Gainesville FL dried up and they found numerous Dugouts in the mud.

Most kids raised near water have probably thought about it. My brother and I made a raft from deadfall when we were young. Worked ok until it fell apart close to shore.