Interesting end to a torrid tale.

Too bad he wasn’t wearing a life jacket…

Sounds like they settled before the attorneys got ALL the money.

This one was layer after layer of craziness, been going on for a few years.The only thing that is clear is that the guy who drowned was possibly the only non-scumbag involved. But there was mistake on mistake, and then a lawyer got hold of it. If his family wants to blame someone, perhaps teaching water safety and decent swimming when the guy was younger would have been a plan.

Wait, new info! That Fox article reports “She pulled the train plug…” Case solved! The fiancee tried paddling a train, an electric one at that. Shocking!!!

OK, this happened in my back yard of the Hudson and was a train wreck of bad choices from the outset. It should be used as a Who Can Spot the Most Mistakes sort of quiz for the ACA.

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Good catch, Marshall.