interesting river resource

this page I found lists the headwaters for many major US rivers, as well as their milage. Enjoy

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Potomac River
The mighty Potomac actually rises from two main branches; the North Branch begins at the spring below the Fairfax Stone in West Virginia, which marks the NW corner of Lord Fairfax’s land grant from the English crown. But the South Branch Potomac begins in the rural community of Hightown near Monterey, VA, some 50 miles further south as the crow flies. An interesting spot geologically, because rain falling on the north side of the height of land there flows to the Potomac via West Virginia and Maryland, whereas rain falling to the south side of the same hill flows to the Jackson River and onto the James through Richmond. If you study a map of Virginia and follow the divergent paths of these rivers and then realize that the headwaters from Hightown reunite in the Chesapeake Bay, it’s pretty amazing.

Thanks. Their selection criteria are
odd, with some long and important systems such as Chattooga-Savannah and the Chattahoochee omitted. But maybe if they survive, they will fill in the gaps.