Interesting sailing Rig

This was posted on the yahoo sailing canoe forum.

I wish they made a larger sail. Say about 4 meter squared (40 ft sq). Need bigger leeboards then as well.

But I bet it would be sweet on a fast kayak as it’s sold.

Wow pricey
At $450 this sail costs about half of what a sail costs for a 25 foot cruiser that sleeps four. It looks like an excellent rig, but I think we need a rig that is easy for beginners to try and easy for them to buy.

I made a V sail for my boat and I cannot figure why someone is not selling them for about $100 to $150 for a small one.

If a sail cost about $100 I’m certain many more paddlers would try them and then maybe later they’d upgrade to the better rigs.

Price comparison
Sails ain’t cheap. Take a look at the Douglas Fowler made Mill creek lug that CLC sells for $300+. OTOH you can buy Chinese made Laser and Opti sails for a little less.

This one has a small sail but it’s a full on upwind rigging deck w/leeboards. IMO capable of a lot more than a V sail. I can’t believe they could sell it for much less.

But yeah, I make most of my own gear for the same reason.

DIY canoe-sailing rigs: a bit daunting…
We’ve started looking into canoe sailing… but the obvious commercial solution in the UK would involve laying out a fair bit on a Solway Dory rig: see

That’s a classy range of options… starting at $260 for a basic expedition rig (24 square foot downwind sailing rig) through $540 + leeboards, etc for the 44 square foot bermudan rig and up to $640 + leeboards, etc. for a (beautiful) balanced lugsail ketch rig with a 30 sq. ft. main and 14 sq. ft. mizzen.

I found the self-built solutions that a bit of googling throw up a tad daunting on my initial pass: we’re waiting for a chance to see a few in the flesh (and talk to the folk involved) before going further!

If anyone’s got other links / photos / comments I’d be most interested!

I’m not saying it’s a bad deal…
I don’t see how they could sell it for much less either, but I still think we need an inexpensive option for the beginning kayak/canoe sailor.

Many years of canoe sailing have shown me that a practical down wind sail is the best for expedition because you can paddle upwind faster than you can sail.

I think a V sail like a PAC or a Sail like Gnarley dog’s or a lug rig would be easiest to make and use.

So far there isn’t anything close to what I’m looking for.

Solway - Canoe Rig

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I wish Solway Dory sold in the US! They have some of the nicest canoe sailing gear I've seen.

If you are thinking about building your own get ahold of Todd Bradshaw's "Canoe Rig" book.

Some pictures of my homemade stuff.

And some others.

I’ve been eye-ballin that one…
Been using a 45sq ft lateen (with outriggers), and primarily a 2.2 PA sail on my yaks and canoes.

I like the kayaksailor design. It meets my requirements of being easily stowable on the fly. The price point is a little steep, I’d love to demo one firsthand.

Yep, the cost of sails for kayaks and canoes can be a bit steep. I tried to make a V-SAIL rig myself once, but I tried to make it bigger than my current 2.2 PA sail, and it just folded up on it’s self, and was useless. PA definitely has a good design there.


Bigger than a Pac 2.2
If you are going bigger than a 2.2 I’d change to a balanced lug rig or a lug rig like Matt Layden designs.