Interesting UK Map/Satellite view

One side shows a detailed map, the other an aerial view. It only seems to be available for the UK.

Anyone know if there is a US version ?

That’s fun to play with
Haven’t seen a US version but I personally rely on my brother to produce maps like this one of the Wallkill River between New Paltz and Tillson N.Y.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention
I’ve been enjoying the trip reports in the Path of the Paddle forum, but usually I have only a very approximate idea of where each trip occured.

For this side of the pond, you can go to and use the “map” function for each river, which allows switching between topographical, aerial B&W, road map, and google earth satellite shots. I’m a member, but I think you can try it out without being one. Only problem is that there may be only a coupla-three rivers to use as starting points for Florida. When I want to follow a river not listed, I go to a listed river and navigate over to the unlisted river.

Google can help
Google Earth gives satellite views of anywhere in the world. Google maps provides regular map views or satellite views.

Go here:

great map
I really like the map your brother made. I’m only an hour from there and would be interested in kayaking the river. I just have a few questions: Where is it that you usually put in, and take out. Are there any rapids or shallow portions of the river? Any dams not listed? And finally, what is the WR that is in the information boxes? Thanks.


I know about Google maps
The great thing about this I’ve posted site is the side by side layout of the map & aerial view.

Bing is also a good system especially the birds eye view.

I’ve a confession
I found it on the website you’ve mentioned.

Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed that website.
I’m hoping to start sharing trips there soon.