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I learned today that a composite Wildfire paddles to shore quite reasonably while filled to within a few inches of the gunnels. At least that is, if you get down to the pool before you fill it too much.
I'd have thought it much more likely to roll over with that much water on board.
Erik OTOH was reminded of the folly of side surfing the rubber Wildfire/Yellowstone in ice water.
I chose not to duplicate his experiment with the composite as I'm quite certain the result would have been the same.

I'm new to facespace, maybe folks without it could tell me if they can see these pictures?

Side surfing in a Yellowstone…
is not recommended for icy waters, but a good drysuit definitely is.

The swim wasn’t bad, but it was a little disconcerting to get my feet caught under the seat - even for a few seconds. Tommy was nice enough to grab my boat and help me get back in mid-stream - saved me a bit of a swim.

Good day all around - few pictures here:

Oh Yeah and
no gasping was experienced or observed.

Haven’t tried side-surfing RX Wildfire,
but did go turtle in a split second in mine once while exiting an eddy perpendicular to a fast flowing chute. Never knew what hit me. Haven’t made that mistake again.

Good pics from both of you.

Hey I recognize that one spot
That rocky rapid is the location of the very cool Riverstrider poling Photo of the Week!

This One?

That’s the Wood River. We were on the Pawcatuck.

It does have the same damn and bridge look.

That’s the one
I thought I saw the same spot in this picture

But now I can see I errre3d.

Good stuff getting out in the cold. Thanks for posting pics.

Budz thought we should go back
and try poling back upstream. Few of the guys around here could do it, but I’m not sure about me. Looks like a nice way to wrap my boat again. Here is the short link:

Poling NOT
Unless there is a way around that bottom hole I’d be very surprised if anyone could pole up the rapid.

That hole would most likely turn 'em sideways and roll 'em.

I suspect the second one up would be pretty tough as well.

Poling up Shannock
I wouldn’t mind trying that. On a much warmer day. But I suspect Tommy is right…it would be a bit tricky. One would have to creep as far up to and on top of the holw as possible without being turned, set an angle, and then go for it with gusto…basically climb the pole until there is no pole left and hope it is enough.

And then set up for the next one…assuming you make it.


On a much warmer day :wink:
With about the same water level I expect that would make a fine poling run.