interior keel strip?

It occured to me that rather than messing with the gelcoat on my glass boat,couldn’t I just add several narrow strips of glass to the interior keelline for the same desired affect?

Depends on your goal. What was
messing with the gelcoat supposed to achieve?

Keel strip
I don’t want to mess with the gel coat,I just want to strengthen my keel

You’re right about the hull
being better protected from scratches,and general abuse.I was thinking more of catastrophic impact.I agree with you,and I’ll apply the strip to the outside…Thanks

Messy to install
I wouldn’t want to install a keel strip inside a boat. You would have so much extra resin because it would be impossible to properly squeegee inside the hull. Impossible to get anything behind a skeg box where it is definitely needed. As it was said before, while you don’t want to mess with gelcoat, by the time your internal keel strip is being used, the boat would be so thrashed that you would have had numerous other gel coat repairs elsewhere on the boat.