Interior Mounted Cockpit Bags

Anybody tried these? Opinions?

Under Deck Bag
I use the underdeck bag and like it very much. Perfect size for keys, plastic bag with paper towels, and other small stuff.


I’ve heard a lot of good things
about those, but I was wondering about the ones made to mount on either side of the seat in the cockpit.

depends on your boat
how wide is it???

i know that there would be ZERO chance that i could get them in my tempest…big legs…

Here is Another suggestion
I have a discontinued under-deck bag that was a part of the Wildy Voyageur line of products. Many fo my friends liked the bag and have unsuccessfully tried to find them.

The bag is unique in that it is mounted on a track made of a web belt that mounts under your deck with screws. The bag mounts to the belt track with four clips at each corner. The clips are the same as used on PFDs. You can unhook the two clips on the front and the bag will slide out on the belt towards your torso. The back slips are attached to a flat oval piece (similar to a belt loop) that works as a slide track. The top has two zippers along its length for secure storage.

I discovered a source for what looks to be the identical bag. Go to and look for the “mini under deck bag”.

couldn’t find it
even using their search engine???


other options
I haven’t used that one,it looks like a good idea. For wide kayaks the sidebags look good. My favorite underdeck bag is configured from an EMS mesh accessory bag with a stiff backing and drawstring closure. It’s easy to open and close with no chance of something molding away.

Here it is…