Internal Storage Ideas for a SOT Kayak?

I have a Perception Pescador 12 (Wilderness Tarpon 120) and am looking for ideas on how to outfit it. Mainly I want to find an effective way to manage the internal storage on the boat. I have access to the hold via two 6in day hatches and one large fore-hatch. But the internal space is all connected with no bulkheads and stuff will slide around. Most of my stuff will be carried in small to medium dry-bags. Any ideas on how to segment this space or secure the gear?

I thought about epoxying closet organizer baskets to the hull below the hatches. Would epoxy, or other adhesives, harm the polyethylene hull?

Thank you for any advice or tips!

clip it?
Does it have any way to clip a bag to a loop of cord inside the hatch?

Less convenient than a bulkeaded hatch but maybe a solution.

When I have to store items in long
compartments with small access ports, I’ll add a tether line to the drybag/boxs and lead the line to a clip near the access port so I can pull the one(s) I need (or need to get around) to the access port. Just a thought. Rick

baskets and tethers
Sometimes I put a lot of loose items in a basket or a duffel bag to keep them from sliding all over the place.

Other times I will tie things together on a line so I can grab one and all the other little dry bags will follow the big one.

Deck hatch bags…
You may have to replace the hatch but these work well.

Strap them together?
You can add a float bag or two to keep them from sliding around too much.