International Cherry Pit Spitting Competition

Do you think the Covid thing will be over so they can have the International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest from Eau Claire Michigan on July 6?

Kevin Bulldog Bartz won with a 58ft 3 1/4".

I’m watching last year’s competition on ESPN 8. Watched the stone Skipping Championships earlier. Things just aren’t the same.

Yep, saw a few minutes of the Stone Skipping… We are back to the third world…
Gave up on the NASCAR drivers playing video games.
Need to get the firing ranges open again…

Ain’t it the pits,
when the pits can’t fly,
when them stones won’t skip
cause you’re potential innucubi?

Are we drinkin’ Kool Aid,
with hopes we’ll sally Fourth,
firecrackin’ independents,
bleach belchin’ intakes to port?

Will we storm the state house,
God’s Moor or less El Cid?
Lungs heavin’ cherry-pickers,
heathen seed sons of Covid.

Time to train for the International Wife Carrying Competition held in Sept at Sunday River. No social distancing! And it looks a lot more interesting for pictures

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,
regretted what he chose to feed her.
Spam and Beanie Weenies nearly Pete did bury.
Wife’s wicked winds whiplashed in Estonian Carry!

I think you’ll cut two minutes off your time Pete if you just re-aim that thruster about one-eighty.

Shoot there was lawn mower racing and slippery stairs competition later.

OK now I remember what we use to spit. It was watermelon seeds on the 4th of July… They do not go as far as cheery pits…
Now really hard to do with a mask…

Get out of the house, get on the water as soon as possible–By any means necessary.

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Chariot races… Bicyclist towing…

We do have canoe races where you get a bunch of paddlers in a voyageur canoe and tow a water skier. Who is child size

Tree-menus fruit farm has reportedly closed.

Herb Teichman started the event years ago and has passed away.

His son took over but has sadly become critically ill from a mosquito-born illness.

It was a wonderful event that I covered for the local newspaper for over 30 years before retiring.

Ditto on the firing ranges.

Sorry to hear about Herb Teichman’s passing and the illness of his son. It was interesting to see that ESPN covered what was a local event. Guess I don’t need to plan a trip up there.