Interviews With Pro Paddlers

Interested in finding interviews with Pro Paddlers. Found this one with Matt Bevilacqua from here (Australia). 5 X World Champ in paddleboarding and course record holder for Molokai to Ohau race (52km or something). Matt Bevilacqua: Moments that Matter - Quipmo

If you find other interviews please post.

I’ve seen several youtube interviews with the founder of Epic Kayaks. Greg Barton? He is a three time olympic gold medalist paddler and talks about his race inspired take on kayak design.

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John Chase has some nice podcasts:

John was my L1 and L2 instructor and is a terrific paddler and person.

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Getting dated, but there were a variety of interviews with prominent California paddlers in California Kayaker Magazine: California Kayaker Magazine - South West's source for paddlesports information

Go to a paddling symposium and talk to them in person.

Another one from Australia with Rees Duncan - World Waveski Champion - [Rees Duncan: Moments that Matter - Quipmo](https://Rees Duncan 11X world Champion Waveski)

There was a DVD put out in 2010 by Justine Curgenven called “This is Canoeing” that might be of interest to you. It is composed of 12 (I think) sections featuring different aspects of the canoeing side of the sport and includes interviews/profiles of, among others, Kevin Callan, Becky Mason (Canadian style canoeing and daughter of Bill Mason), Paul Mason (Whitewater and son of Bill Mason), Karen Knight/Bob Foote (Freestyle), Ray Goodwin, and John Kazimierczyk (whitewater slalom). I’d consider all those folks to be pros…
I don’t know but there might be somewhere that individual sections could be downloaded. They were put out by an outfit called CackleTV.
She also did a series called “This is the Sea” which I haven’t seen but which I would expect to be similar but featuring sea kayakers. Hope there’s something of interest for you in there…

btw, regarding the suggestion that @Rookie made (, the most recent interview is with an Ozzie - Mark Sundin of Expedition Kayaks (Sydney, Aus)

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