Into the void

Cool pic Andy. I like it!

Nice. Wherever that is, I’m jealous.

Lake Umbagog, Maine. Approx. 3 mile crossing in fog, could not see the opposite shoreline or the area where the river mouth was.

That lovely quiet, dense fog.

Nice. Can hear the quietness.

At least there is a horizon.

Beautiful. I get disoriented in conditions like that. My brain says “go this way” and the GPS says “go that way”.

No power boats?

If you paddle deeply into the fog, you’ll often find a passageway into another dimension:

Paddling in fog can have a very strange distorted size perception. Once while paddling in a very low hanging fog–a foot, or so above the water–I could see and hear power boats off in the distance, but they looked to me like miniatures that were just a few yards away.

Turn about! You are just about to paddle off the end of the world.


soon burned off

Foggy Doggy.

Makes me want a JR but I don’t think I can handle the energy.