Intro + thanks already

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking and learning for a few weeks and wanted to say thanks for all I’ve learned already, and say a general ‘hello.’

I’m a long-ago-ish canoe tripper (used to and I hope in the future to take an annual week or two trip down a Class II-III rivers in Canada) but also just got a hand-me-down sea kayak from my dad (he’s going to go to a lighter boat for easier getting down the hill to the river he lives on). I’m about a mile from Lake Michigan (in Chicago) so that’ll be my main splashing grounds.




Welcome to the forum. :canoe: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Tim, we’re sort of neighbors - I’m on the other side of the big pond in the tip of the mitt.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


@Rookie It’s so beautiful up there! I’m hoping to get a week in Traverse Bay this summer, maybe get out to the Manitous (on a bigger boat than a kayak; it’ll take a while to work up to that kind of passage!).

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It is beautiful but gosh, we haven’t seen a single sunbeam for the past 35+ days! Even our National Weather Service office is getting a bit bonkers:


:joy: Love it ! Seems like we’ll get our first sun in weeks tomorrow. Good luck!

[smile] Almost called 911 today. [/smile] The sky turned a strange color and has a UGO (Unknown Glowing Object) but something tickled my brain & I checked Google. The UGO is acutally an object called a ‘Shiney Unbelievable Neighbor’ (SUN) and the color is know as ‘Blue’. Apparently, the 'SUN is responsible for the darker thing called a shadow that followed me or ran ahead of me when I was out with the dog.

Here is that color “BLUE” for reference:


Welcome, from SC!

We don’t often see snow, but we do get cloudy days. Growing up in FL I’m also not a fan of short days. At least we get some days like this in December and January.

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So jealous. Radar shows downstate clear. Still dreary with freezing mist/fog up here.

Last night the skies were clear and the moonlight bright but not a sunbeam in sight today.

I spent $20 on a GE “sun filled LED” for my den. Ersatz indoor sunlight. Sigh.

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Greetings from the sunshine state.


Sounds like our entire winter.


Don’t know how you managed to keep your nerve at such an astonishing sighting in the depths of winter.
You are obviously a man in full.:+1::sun_with_face:

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