Introduction and question

Hello, everyone, and thanks for taking a moment to read.

I grew up with a paddle in my hand, going out with Dad on the New.

I would like to start doing some short solo trips. My basic experience is just that… pretty basic. I know the J, the goon, sweeps, pries… essentially I can paddle slowly in easy waters and keep the boat straight.

I don’t own a canoe, and was wondering if there is a place that would rent them for more than an hourly situation. I suppose I can bug dad for one, although I don’t have a rack on my car.

I guess I need to know where to start. I obviously need some gear…but I’m a poor teacher and a good canoe runs what… 500 at least?

Zaloos Canoes in Jefferson
rents canoes, and will do shuttles as part of the rental.

You can do lengths as short as five miles or much longer ones.

You park and launch at their headquarters, and they pick you up where you take out.

Good outfit !

I highly recommend them

Jack L

jack L

Good advice Jack L
but I’m sorry about that nasty stutter you have.