Invader kayak???

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Anyone know anything about an "Invader" kayak? I don't even know if it's a brand or model. I found one on ebay for real cheap. I'm wondering if it's worth the drive.

ps- I'm pretty sure it's real old, too.

Prijon Invader most likely
Very old whitewater boat - 1980s design. Long and fast, but not very maneuverable as far as modern whitewater kayaks go. Prijon has a reputation for having the best plastic in the industry, though even the best plastic can be bad if it spent the last 20 years outside in the sun.

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Prijon Invader.

Old School WW boat, similar to Perception Dancer.

Displacement hull, long (around 10 feet), fast, easy to roll. Not manuverable by today’s WW boat standards. Great for going down stream.

How much and how long a drive?

It’s on ebay
for $25 right now. Located in Andersonville, TN. About an hour drive from where I am. I figure if it goes for under $50 then if nothing else it floats and hold me in it! I hope no one steals the bid after reading this :slight_smile:

'bout what she’s
worth. especially if the cockpit leaks.

The Invader was actually an Eskimo boat, a division of Prijon.

late 80’s and a decent ride except for the combing.

I paddled one a bunch and loved it.


still have two. An Alpine model and a regular. never had any problem with the combing leaking…just like all other plastic boats. pick your spraydeck with care. maybe you were doing like the rest uv us back then…using whatever we had. I got a couple of rubber rand decks…makes all the differance

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Just bought it
on ebay. It’s my first kayak. I’m going to pick it up tonight. It was either spent $50 on ebay or spend $150 on a used otter at an outfitter. Still may do the latter as well. I’m not sure what kind of condition this boat is in, but I’ll ind out soon enough.

It will
get you on the water and you can learn to roll and learn your strokes. Way to go!

I just picked up my Invader last night, and plan on taking it out today. It looks like a pretty cool ride. I still no next to nothing about what I’m doing though!! You said pick a spraydeck with care. I’m guessing that’s the sprayskirt?? Also, where the footpegs would go there’s a large foam piece mounted on a metal bracket that screws in to the sides. I think that acts as the footpegs. It’s too short and I can only fit inside if I take that out. Do I need to keep it in, and maybe try to fit it deeper in the bow?

Adjustable bulkhead foot brace
The Invader has an adjustable bulkhead foot brace rather than foot pegs. There should be metal under the foam. If the adjustment is already a full long-leg position you can reduce the thickness of the foam.

Did it come with any floatation bags? It will probably sink like a stone without any.

are two thumb screws an each side attached to the metal strap that holds the bulkhead foot brace. there are a series of holes in that strap for adjustment. The minicell is backed with stainless steel… it is the best footbrace you could have. make sure that you have a airbag in front of the bulkhead and in the back of the boat. the bulkhead footbrace is a must if you ever do big drops…helps you so you don’t break your ankles on impact…foot never slips off.

get a sprayskirt with a rubber rand not a bungie

the combing is just as good as anything …its well formed …but like all plastic boats bungies don’t seal as well on plastic. bungie works with fiber glass.

this is a boat , like all old school WW boats that get bad press today, only because the new shoe boats and the park and play boat areas are designed differant and for a differant type of paddling. If you are planning on paddling to go somewhere on a river the old school boats are far superior to the modern WW boats…if you plan on park and play or ariels…then the new school boats are better. as long as the hull has no signs of cracking you got one nice ride…enjoy

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One more question…

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How much should I expect to pay for floatation bags? And where can I find them/what will they look like?


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Here are a few tips from a kayak repair guy…Me!
Stuff the nose and tail with swim noodles if you don’t have the air bags for floatation in case it gets water inside.
If you can find thick soft spongy foam maybe you could shape a bulkhead for behind the seat.
I have a 10 ft 1996’ Prijon Invader Light that I just bought for $50.
I’m presently rejuvenating the hull with a heat gun

Keep a wet rag and/or water spray bottle handy if you try this.
I’m going to pair it with a Horizon Hydra 14ft as a HIS-N-HERS package

Above is the invader light
Below is the Hydra

My YouTube channel is “phartattack” don’t ask!
Search for kayak restorations…