"Investing" in my investment

Wow! Good instruction is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself as a paddler.

I spent yesterday at Tybee Island taking a lesson from an instructor through the local outfitter.

I’ve paddled on and off for a long time, but didn’t get serious about it with decent equipment until this year. So I’ve got loads of bad habits - inefficient technique - to unlearn.

But… I feel like I’ve made some real strides. My instructor tailored the lesson around me and my skill level. So he corrected my technique (I don’t rotate worth beans) on the forward stroke, gave me lots of tips and had me do drill after drill, varying from forward stroke to different turns to bracing.

We worked on rescues as well, so I kinda sorta can get back into my boat after I come out of it.

I also got some real solid info about observing ocean conditions and the things I need to look for - at least at Tybee - before I put in.

Its funny - I can buy stuff as much as I want. But nothing seems to really contribute to my advancement as a paddler as much (for the time being) as good instruction.

I’m looking forward to practicing all my moves on the lake, by myself this week. Good homework!

Good instruction is probably the best
"Good instruction is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself as a paddler."

Yup. True for all of us.

The lesson we got when we bought our first kayaks was invaluable. I’ve been working with coaches regularly for years and cannt see ever stopping unless i stop paddling.

Tybee is a great place to learn.

wait’ll you can loop!!! NM

I don’t thnk we have instruction around

I’m sure that I could benefit from insruction, but I’d probably get it in the solo canoe first, since that’s what I paddle the most.

Was it …

John -

But I talked to Ronnie some and he installed my new, spiffy SmartTrack rudder in my boat.

I’m taking another lesson end of April.

check out

I have a couple of the British Canoe Union text books and they have really great stuff for canoes.

BCU- North America has some regional coaches in Illinois. One of them is inland as well as sea. You could always drop 'em a line.

credit the locals by name please
Tybee is a great place to visit and paddle. Plus is home to 2 stellar outfitters, Sea Kayak GA and Savannah Canoe and Kayak. Both are superb ambassadors for the pursuit for instruction, gear and local knowledge.

I wasn’t sure
if it was ok to mention the particulars. I’ve had posts deleted for mentioning specific vendors/companies.

Anyway, it was Sea Kayak GA - really super people. Talked to Marsha and Regan on the phone, they asked good questions before I made my trip and matched me with a good instructor.

Again - the whole experience just emphasized for me how important it is to not only paddle with the club, but to also keep up with instruction as much as I can.

I can see continuing with instruction even when I’m well beyond my beginner level 2 status.