iphone app for canoe camp? Best?

Leave it in the pack, or at home.
Maybe get it out if rain traps you in the tent, but otherwise there’s just too much to see and do in the real world.

leave it home
taking it with you defeats the whole purpose of camping and paddling

Most of the …
places we paddle, I can’t get a signal anyways.

Are you looking
For an app that is useful such as a guide? There are several that offer nautical charts and so on. I have the Navionics Great Lakes app on my iPod. I see no problem with taking it. I don’t paddle with it because I want to enjoy my surroundings but it is a tool just like a paddle float or bilge pump.

Easy on me…
…I’m not talking on the phone. I never hit the ipod icon and listen to music or watch movies. The sole purpose is for navigation, marking camp spots for future reference.

That’s why I got an iphone to begin with. I wanted a good phone, a gps and an Ipod. I got all three.

Now, Any good apps for canoe camping?

Spot tracking tool
It is much better for finding you participants in the field than dragging out a laptop. When I was heping with a race we didn’t know where the races where but the people at home and the people with Iphones had their track all the time.

There’s a nap for that !
I know opinions vary.

About the only use I have for an ipod/iphone/ipad I have on a camping trip is to play Dueling Banjo’s once a night.

Demographics mate,
this is not the place for your query. They got another thread going here where a cheezy “I Like to Move It” remix is apparently too ‘modern’ for a lot of folks…

AARP membership questions are more easily met here. Not that I am knocking the board, it’s just the reality of the population here.


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I have a Sony E-book reader (pocket edition) that will be camping with me. I love to read at night but do not like the volume of a couple of paperbacks.
Depending on where i am paddling to, or if it is a work out paddle, I do have a waterproof mp3 player that I like to fill up with all kinds of weird but very strong beat workout music from Tool, old Zep, white zombie, godsmack, linkin park, evanescence, green day, jethro Tull, carlos santana, crosby stills nash and young, Breaking benjamin, Nickelback, Flyleaf, Metallica, marilyn manson, Alice in chains, sublime etc etc. Yeah I know...too weird for most.

another folder on the mp3 with Grieg, Vivaldi, instrumental bossa nova, etc for dawn paddles where I still want to move distance but at a more measured cadence.

And I am 55.

I also carry a nice garmin gps and a VHF radio. There may be a cell phone in a bag as well even though I really try to avoid that.

Paul (old rocker)

iPhone GPS app
I used iToppoMaps while canoe camping a few times. It lets you store Toppo quads and recall them even if you don’t have cell signal.

If I happen to have cell signal iPhone is nice for checking on the weather and streamflow info.

any chess for the iPhone…?

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If available I'd go with some chess, but that iTopo sounds good and DeLorme must have something out or coming soon.


River Guide on iPhone IPod Touch

Unlike otehr posters, I have an actual app for you, original poster. River Guide. Search it on app store. Levels of all local rivers, can save in favorites–it’s every guage in every area of country all together in one searchable database, including charts. It was $3.99 last year, don;t know price now. I use it often, even though I am a lake paddlers, because the level of teh rivers reflects the lakes, and I often paddle large rivers (like the Illinois River in Morris, IL).

A great app!

Wow! After all the BS…
…I got something to go on. Thanks cd1/jeffb and all that had at least some input worth while. Although some other opinions might do some good as well.

Old rocker Paul- I’m 40 and don’t listen to alot of that harcore stuff. Keeping your mind young is the key they say! (Sublime is da’ shiznet!)

Rocker Paul-Marilyn Manson?
gag me with a stick?How loud is the volume on them books?

I have used the Runkeeper app to track my pace and distance. I prefer to use my GPS, but the phone works in a pinch.

Not all p-netters are luddites (or AARP members).

4 quick miles… Werner Cyprus 210…

Jefferson Airplane, Credence, Janice, Allman Bros - whipping post-try to not paddle fast with that going on!) , ending the paddle with a little Heart.

(You can put a lot of stuff on a 2 gig mp3 player)

I gotta get dueling banjos…


Hey String…

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you canooers have dueling banjos as your boogie man music...

Mrilyn Manson is tame and I am getting tired of him...

course Earl Scruggs does rock!

reminds me I have to get Bette Middlers bugle boy of company B...oh yeah..Stevie Ray Vaughn - Travis walk...


E book reader has no sound. just words. MP3 player stays in the pfd and is used for brisk workout type paddles. God knows I am not in shape but the music helps keep some cadence and I can concentrate on maintaining consistency with the strokes etc.

Gps better for some reason?
Than the phone? Other than signal.

GPS quality on iphone and PDA’s
how do they compare to modern handhelds like the Garmin’s? do they have similar antenna and reception quality?