IPM Kayak

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I recently purchased a 1978 IPM fiberglass kayak in pretty good shape to restore for my granddaughter. The production sticker shows it was made in Ireland by Irish Precision Manufacturing. It seems that the company is no longer in business, so I was wondering if there is any info available as far as the hstory of the company or if it is now part of a larger company. Thanks Arnold

Is restoration going to be easy?
Is the boat sized right for your granddaughter?

1978 is a long time ago, and if you need any fittings, there may be none stocked, anywhere. On the plus side, it is easy to modify a fiberglass boat for substitute fittings.

Post some pictures
It takes remarkably little equipment to hand-make limited quantities of fiberglass kayaks.

In all likelihood IPM existed in some barn for a few years, and has long ago been forgotten.

IPM Kayak
She is only five but will grow into it, and I wont give it to her until probably next year. The only thing it actually needs is a new coat of gelcoat on the bottom. I will take pictures this weekend and post them.