anyone use an ipod while paddling?

anywhere i can get a waterproof case or some waterproof headphones?

I know they make docks for your ipod with speakers that you can use like a radio, but do they make any that are waterproof? Sometimes its nice to have some tunes while your paddling/camping and im looking at alternatives other than a waterprrof radio.

There’s a few good options out there. I use an Otter case with Freestyle Audio headphones with my gen 2 nano. Here’s an NRS link with a bunch of choices…


Freestyle has them
I received mine almost two weeks ago, learned to use it, and have taken it swimming twice now. It is great. It was cheaper on EBay though.

Makes cases and headphones (earbud style).

See you on the water,



Hyde Park, NY

I think in principle I would rather
paddle WITHOUT music, but in practice, since I’m paddling up and down the same monotonous lake 9 months out of the year, music I find helps me keep a good pace. I got an Otter Box from Otter for about half the price that NRS had them for. The little wheel control doesn’t work very well, but with an Otter Box at least I feel confident that my iPod won’t be ruined by water. Now if I could just find a pair of waterproof headphones for less than $99 … (!)

Otter makes them

Have you tried the waterproof headphones made by Otter?

Considering buying them and wonder how they work.

I just use regular headphones
and grit my teeth

slightly off,
I always think I want music, but the time or two I took along a radio I didn’t enjoy it. I don’t know what is wrong with me…my Freestyle rutine will be pretty hard without music.


I’ve been using a sport model of headphones from Sony that wraps around the ear. Priced $10-$15. They have been in the water fully submersed and still are functioning perfectly. If they ever fail, I’ll replace them at that cost. Unless you are using them for swimming, I think non-waterproof is just fine.

Use a pelican case…a little more expensive, but they’re very reliable.

I’ve already heard horror stories about someone’s new ipod getting destroyed with a bad “waterproof” case.

Otter Boxes for I Pods do not float on their own. I cant understand why they were made without floatation. Its distressing to see a couple of hundred dollar electronic gadget sink

I have an Otterbox
for my 2nd gen nano and it works great.

no reason for it to sink
they DO come with a bombproof clip on the back

clip it onto a bungee or PFD and it’s not going anywhere

they must have improved them since my friend got his for practicing for FreeStyle competition. He is always worried about it going bye bye

$35 H2O Proof Headphones
Aquapac earbuds. Not suitable for more than 10’ submersion. Squirt boaters take note! :wink:

See you on the water,



Hyde Park, NY

Ah’s still ain’t got no IPOD. Call me old fashion but ah’ still like ta paddle wit me’ old IBM 390 Mainframe. Wuz a real bitch findin’ a Pelican case fer it though!


dont worry FE
I dont have access to an IPOD either. Mostly since I dont have access to a teenager…

Isn’t the 10 mile long extension cord an entanglement hazard?

Me, I just play a Xylophone while I paddle.