IR 3 layer Dry Suit users?

Did I ask this before? I may have. I am seriously considering purchasing an older but brand new Immersion Research Dry suit. It’s (heavily)discounted because it’s no longer in production. The reason I was given is these suits are used mostly by white water kayakers in colder parts of the states/world. The 3 layer was not as tough for the cold climate and the white water world. However, I only do sea kayaking, some rivers and lakes. I am in Florida and do not need a super insulated tough dry suit. I also don’t go on expeditions or multi week camping trips on my kayak. Mostly for Florida winters and possible week end trips to NC, and maybe New Jersey. Anybody out there has any experience with these 3 layer Immersion Research suits?

good suits
up here in northern MN, the steep-creek whitewater season is April-May. Think snow on the ground, 20-50 degree air, low to mid 30’s water temp. Kokatat is the gold standard, but we see plenty of IR suits as well. Everybody I’ve talked to likes theirs, but I can’t personally say I’ve ever used one. If they work up here, they’ll definitely be good enough for down there.

IR is known for good responses to
inquiry. Perhaps you should call or e-mail them. If the drysuit isn’t suitable for your uses, they’ll say so.