IR Back band - anybody use one?

Just got one on closeout off of their website to replace the stock band on a Necky Elaho. I prefer ratched backbands b/c the adjustment mechanism does not get in the way of hip pads.

Noticed the weird nylon straps on the back and checked out the video. Apparently they are called “pro-straps” and provide an alternative to bungee cords for holding the back band in place. The installation instructions tell you to drill through the cockpit rim to make a slot to insert the straps through.

This makes me nervous as the cockpit rim on a roto-molded boat seems pretty irreplaceable.

Is there anyone out there who has an IR backband and has installed the pro-straps?

I’d love to hear about your experience.

I have one that was installed already
on an old WW boat I bought a few weeks ago.

It has the straps installed in slots in the cockpit combing. These slots could be easily made with a dremel tool, or slowly with a sharp knife tool. They are cut into the top portion of the combing, and combined with the straps going to the seat mounts, the backband stays where it is. It hasn’t gotten in the way during entries, unlike other backbands in other WW boats I’ve used in classes. Other types of mounts require a screw hole or a larger hole for bungies, so this doesn’t seem to me to be much more of a modification to the boat. The area is covered by a skirt.

The extra straps with the side release latches on the backside seemed kinds useless at first, but they are handy for attaching dry bags behind the seat, so they aren’t lost when you go for a swim in surf.

you said you got it "on closeout"
on their website. Where? When I looked, I couldn’t find them on sale.

Here it is

Aha. Thanks.

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I've always liked the Reggie, hoping it was going to be that. That said, $35 is a pretty good price.

nsi might be better
North shore backbands are excellent in my eft. Very easy to adjust. The only hassle is you need to hold up the back- maybe by supergluing a wire to the underside of the back deck and then attach to the back of the band so you do not sit on it when you get in.

Like mine but…
I’ve had problems with rust on the ratchet components. I emailed Impex and they said it was less than superior metal and IR had corrected the problem. Impex was very helpful and replaced it no questions asked but after a while the new one rusted too. Next time around I’m going to try Snap Dragon.



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I have a Reggie in my Prijon Kodiak. I needed to replace the lump of styrofoam that came with the boat, and the IR fit the bill. Their customer service is unrivaled. I would buy one again in a heartbeat.