IR Flex capacitor

Time for a new back strap. Do you have you any experience or opinions with this seat back. Thanks,


excellent backband
I’ve only used this in a whitewater setting, but it gives nice support for the hip bones/lower back and it is nice and stiff which is a good thing. I’ve also enjoyed Bomber backbands (Bomber gear is out of business I believe), and Snapdragon backbands.

Like mine
I have one in my WW boat and like it a lot.

I have another one in a box that I am going to install in the sea kayak I am building when I get to that point.

I’ve got one
in my CD Sirocco. More comfortable than the CD original, but I’m going to replace it. I have an IR in my CLC North Bay and its great.

oh I thought
Flex Capacitor was the part on DeLorean in “Back to the Future”