IR Navideck spray skirt


does anyone out there have any experience with the above skirt? it looks well made, light and a good way to organize a few items without putting them on the deck. one would have to be careful not to put much in the pouch but it looks like a great idea to me. i tried on a large at a local retailer and it was way too small for my 34" waist. odd. do IR normally fit a size smaller?

any thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

IR Skirt
I’ve had one for 3 years now and it takes a lickin’ and keeps on keepin’ on. I get some water puddling but the convience of having my waterbottle or camera so handy makes it well worth while. To be fair this is the 1st and only spray skirt I’ve owned so I have nothing to compare it with. GF likes her’s too.

just bought one
Funny, I just bought one as well…but after the purchase, I got to thinking:

Do I really want to put stuff in that pouch in the skirt so it’s banging around on my legs?

Do I want those items “hanging” up on a boat re-entry?

And, like you mentioned, do I want stuff in there weighting the skirt down to create a puddle area?

I have a 32" waist and I bought a medium that fits great.

I don’t know, maybe someone can convince me to keep it. I love IR products, but I’m not completely sure about the navdeck?

Mine is snug too
I’ve got a 34" waist and I got a large. I thought it was too tight at first but after using it this winter it seems to have loosened up a bit. I like the clips for fastening a chart case. My deck bungees are practically out of reach on my keyholed Aquanaut.

I didn’t like mine.
The deck was too loose and puddled. Always seemed to get water on me when rolling or edging.

Holes started developing in the deck during the first year. IR at least repaired it at no charge.

I like a WildWasser Pocket Neo/Neo much better. It doesn’t pool. Lightweight objects in the pocket don’t make it sag, and I’m on my second year of weekly use for this skirt.

Wildwasser skirts are usually bomber
in my experience. the retailer i used to work for had their ww skirts in the rental and they lasted for years with abuse. i’m surprised to hear of issues with this one.

that’s a good substitute to consider as well. though i doubt they are available near me…

keep it coming!