IR Neoprene Neck Gasket

A question ONLY for users, owners or ex-owners of Immersion Research Drytops.

What is/was your experience with the neoprene neck gaskets on their jackets? How watertight did you find them? Relative comfort VS latex?

I own three IR tops
One shorty, one long sleeve competition, and one full conditions. The shorty and the comp top have the neoprene neck gasket wth the “sticky” rubber band around the top.

They seep water. They are not meant to be watertight.

If you want watertight you HAVE to have a latex neck gasket.


P.S. when I say seep, I mean that if I wear a thickskin or polypro top under it, I never have enough water to completely soak me or cause me to be cold.

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Ditto For Me

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I find the neo gasket much more comfortable than latex. But the seepage means I don't wear it until water is at least 60 degrees.


PS. I bought a Mountain Surf top with a neo gasket at Santa Cruz, just because I could not deal with the thought of drysuit/latex gasket in 70's temp (50's water) and the fact that I couldn't find any silicone grease to eliminate my reaction to latex and salt on skin. Anyway the mountain surf neo gasket was thicker, a little tighter and seemingly less seepage than the thin IR neo gasket. However, I haven't use it since then some I can't really be definitive about how much less seepage. I get enough with the IR in an hour of play in surf/ww that my thermax tshirt is pretty damp. But it stays warm since is not water flushing completely through.

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I like mine
I’ve got a IR drytop with the neoprene neck gasket, it works great for paddling easier stuff that I know I’m not going to roll much in.

It doesn’t leak too bad, I’d say its about as wet as paddling hard in a non-GoreTex dry-top.

I recently got a great deal on a neoprene neck BomberGear top and like the Bomber Gear better (I think it came from Sierra Trading Post).


Yeah, BomberGear/STP
I really like the Bombergear longsleeve drytop I got last year from Sierra Trading Post. Great deal! I bought a shorty Bombergear drytop a couple of months ago. I really, really like this one even more – pocket in the sleeve, chest pocket with a built in drybag storage. Nice… :slight_smile:


Yah I think Bombergear unloads all their blems / year end close-out to STP.

My little brother (STUMPY!) goes to college in Laramie, so when I go see him or head to CO for some whitewater I inneviably end up in Cheyenne at STP looking for new stuff. I’ve gotten great deals on a paddling jacket, a droptop, semi-drytop, dry pants, neoprene pants, some rash guards, and a paddle. Most of my paddling gear is Bomber Gear from STP :slight_smile: