IR Reggie into a Valley Aquanaut

Has anyone tried to install one of these or other after market backbands into a Valley Aquanaut or touring kayak? Thanks for the help.

I installed a Harmony backband into
an Aquanaut. Harmony is owned by Confluence so I think it is the same band as in the Tempest. It is far superior to the Valley backband.

Please don’t ask me how I installed it because I am not mechanical and circumvented the instructions to avoid drilling into the boat (which I was able to do). I don’t even remember how I did it.

At Canoecopia (a midwest paddling expo) a few years ago, I brought the IR rep and the backband to the Valley booth. He indicated there would be no issues installing the IR into the Naut.

Had one in a Valley Pintail and QCC

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Reggie band has two sets of straps. I used the web straps in the Pintail I think - right to existing slots. Super easy. Note this was a circa 1994 Pintail, so your Valley cockpit may vary (but back bands tend to be pretty simple things).

In the QCC I use the ratchet straps to seat posts (existing hole at first - later drilled one more ventral and lower), and use the web strap hooked to the rear of the seat to keep the band as low as possible. Also, very easy.

I like the smaller WW style bands better than wider/taller styles, as I use more for hip support/stop than actual back support except when just sitting/resting and will lean back on it then. If I could go with an even narrower/lower band I would (foam stop, or no band at all is likely next).

Which seat?

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Which seat does your Aquanaut have installed? I have an early iteration of the new seat in my 2004 Aquanaut and installed a Bomber band running straps through the loops attached to the seats as was designed for the Valley band. The seat in my Nordlow(c.2009) is a bit different - it also has slots cut in the base at the back if the seat for straps.

2007 Aqua HV

Shawn, important infor here!

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I put an IR in my boats--two Valleys. Love them. I put the exac one this guy is putting into his boat (IR, but I don;t think Reggie)Here's a guy doing it (not me in pics).

Thanks CD1
Did you need to drill the seat to attach? Did you have to do anything else to keep it from riding down?

I think I will end up getting the same band as you. It appears lower and more compact then the Reggie.

Thanks for the help

NO drilling or anything.
I just put it in. It does slide down slightly, but I thnik that is me more than the band. Too many Twinkies.

You may have to tweak it a bit, but basically, no I did no mods other than put it in and replace that dreadful Vaklley band’

Otther otopn is to put a 1 inch minicell “pad” on tthe Valley band with Dap Weldowood, and that rectifies the sitiation withou a new band. Try that also,.


My Valley Aq LV is here and if you click pic it’ll enlarge. Notice that I took the lousy Valley stock backband and literally glued to it 1 inch thick gray minicell foam. It will, in essence, bring the contact for your back out to the area of the seat pan (the contour of the seat pan without it is too far forward of the backrest).