IR Thermoskin vs NRS Hyrdoskin Pants

Anyone own either or compared both?

I have decided on the 0.5 inch neoprene pants as a need. I like the articulated knees on the IR, the water repellent coating on the NRS. The inside of the IR seems like it would go on and off easier than the NRS, but the NRS felt softer on the inside. IR is cheaper.

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

I can not speak for IR Thermoskin
but I found Hydroskin to be a complete waste of money. It didn’t work well as stand alone layer, it was awful as a ‘layering’ piece, and I got dangerously cold on a couple of very mild days while wearing it.

Just goes to show everyone is different

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when it comes to thermal protection. I have a NRS Hydroskin top that works well for its intended purpose. I don't expect it to keep me warm in water under 70 degrees but combined with other layers it has become a welcome part of my gear. The IR Thermoskin looks nice with the breathable panels in sweaty areas. I'd also be interested in people's experience with it. Another product to look at is the Neosport 1.5mm XSPAN pants.