Ireland paddling?

Hope to visit Galway Bay area, wondering if anyone has current info on what to paddle, where to rent, etc…



No Clue
I have no information for you on this topic but two things I want to note. One…I am very jealous. Two, pick up a copy of “On Celtic Tides” by Chris Duff.

The book is basically a travelogue of his effort to circumnavigate Ireland. It is really a fun read and may inspire you to venture further than the bay.


Would love to…
But don’t you sometimes wonder where these folks get the time and money? One is fortunate to have either one, let alone both.


Money is answered and time is not…
In the book, Chris goes a little into his finances. He works odd jobs and saves for a while before going on the trip. He doesn’t live high at all…basically eating really crappy food and living off the kindness of strangers.

On the time, he is a former navy diver with no real family commitments to note. He simply just does it.

However, your point is good. Most of us struggle to find the time to get a weekend out. Taking months to circumnavigate Ireland seems impossible.

Last summer I wrote a kayaking Utah book and I drove 6000 miles with my family and kids so we could explore all the state had to offer. It was a lot of work but loads of fun.

It cost a lot and was time consuming but worth the effort.