Iron Mend Neoprene Patches

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I may be out of the loop, but just in case anyone has been living under a rock lately as I apparently was, I figured I'd share.

I got a hole in my hydroskin this morning - snagged it on the dock climbing out of my boat. I was going to use Aqua Seal as that's what I've used in the last for wetsuits (years ago) but the store didn't have any. All they had was Iron Mend (

I just used it and man, that's the coolest thing since sliced bread! I just cut a tiny square to cover the hole so I still have tons of it left for future repairs should anything happen to my skirt or skin again. Really cool and way better than Aqua Seal as far as application goes!

when are you
field testing ?


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Well I guess that's the real question lol... but it seems like it did a good job patching it!

Sorry, I know I sounded like an infomercial, I just had no idea about this product and thought it was awesome! Wanted to pass on. The guy that sold it to me had never used it before so I wasn't sure if it had been around for a while or not.

is it stretchy at all ?
and is it washable ?

I have been looking all over for a suitable patching material for a pair of black, heavy duty, fleece lined synthetic stretch, really good exercise tights I ripped the knee area on back in December. The rock I landed on was so sharp it cut the pants before it cut my knee, but if I had been in my regular tights that day it would have been even worse. I was shocked anything could cut this stuff. Now, have scar and expanding hole in best winter weight newish pants (insert frown icon here).

I’m too old for the fashionable deliberately torn chic used look. Didn’t like the fabric patches in the stores and can’t find matching materials so far.


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It's definitely stretchy. It's just thin neoprene. Not sure if it's washable for clothes, though. Since it's for wetsuits and spray skirts which aren't machine washable I don't know how the adhesive would hold up in the machine, but as far as a neoprene patch it worked really well.

It might work for your pants though. The patch was only like 12 and its a huge piece so you'll get multiple uses out of it.

A lot of reviews say …
you have to use aquaseal to hold it down on many different kinds of wetsuit fabric. I’m assuming it’s the wind resistant " mystery" type neoprene that it has a hard time forming an adhesive bond.

Look on Amazon for instance.

The proof is going out and stretching the repair a good deal, leaving it in the sun, freezing it and seeing if it leaks .