Is 303 suitable for vinyl?

Our hot tub arrived yesterday and it has, of course, an insulated vinyl top. Knowing that this will sit in the sun all day every day, I wonder if 303 is suitable for use on vinyl.

Does anyone have experience with this type of application.

Thanks in advance,


Most definitely
303 be excellent on vinyl.


Thanks for the advice
I thought so, but I wanted a second opinion.

And, no, I am not providing photographs of hot tub action (LOL)

second that
I use 303 on hypalon(inflatable dinghy) as well as the royalex canoes, which is a vinyl. Another great place to use it is on the dashboard and interior plastic on my truck. Dash looks like new after 6 years in the sun.

I recently tried some 303 on the dashboard of my little truck. Yes, it got all shiny, but now all the stuff on the dash (book, tide tables, compass, pad of paper, etc.) slides back and forth whenever I’m turning! Often enough, sliding right off either into my lap or onto the floor! Basically, it makes the dashboard a useless place to keep any such items. I’m not going to use 303 on the dashboard anymore. :frowning:


Use 303 lightly
Read the directions on the product. Wipe off all that you can, and there should be no visible or tactile residue.

Yes,… For sure
I am a big fan of 303 Protectant for Plastics, Vinyl and Rubber.

I use it on all of the tire sidewalls of every vehicle I own, and I use it on the convertible top of my Mazda Miata, and also on the inside plastics of my cars.

Be sparing on the dash and other inside plastic parts, but I use it liberally on the tire sidewalls.

It works great for the Vinyl awning on my camper too.

I just do not like it on Gelcoat. I use other stuff for my Copmposite kayak.

But I’m too cheap to use it on my tires. I do spray it on my PFD and spray skirt… one must have priorities.