is a 500 dollar kayak possible?

i still like my pelican 100 but it is time to move up im not a rich man so the max budget right now is 500…do you think i can find one for that?im 5 foot 5 and like 150 lbs i want it for lake lanier which is a huge lake not many tight turns unless i explore the coves so im looking for a 14 foot yak i guess.all advice will help

I see many nice boats on the local area Craigslist within your budget.

You’ll need to do your research to see if you might like whatever becomes available. Test paddles on an individual’s boats are pretty rare.

I’ve bought 4 used kayaks off Craigslist myself. All 4 served a purpose and are probably marketable for the same money as I paid. I use the 50% or less the new price as a rule of thumb. That’s what dealers tend to sell one or two year old rentals for, around here. Many individuals will sell better condition boats for less.

yeah im sure used is my best bet
main thing i want is good tracking and speed.i love my pelican to i stop paddling soon as i do it start to turn a bit it only cost me 200 with a paddle and a kayak cart

In Georgia, lakes are growths on rivers.
Consider the possibility that you will discover the Chattahoochee and the other Georgia rivers that make Lake Lanier look like a static aberration.

im pretty handy
i can fix about anything but never tryied to build something before

Look in classified …
… on pnet … a quick glance, saw a few $500 boats. Local classifieds can also be a place to look. Paddle shops sell rentals at season end.

How about this one?


from ragz to richez
Be careful at midnight it doesn’t turn into a pumpkin!

A fuselage frame skin boat can be built well within your budget. I figure $300-$350 in materials for the basic boat. Then add to that the cost of a seat, deck rigging and finish materials. Of course that will vary according to local prices.

Email me if you have questions.

great advice everyone
is there a specific kayak i should look for?like i said im short but overweight i sometimes get up to like 160 lbs and im around 5 foot 5 .i dont care about looks of the yak at all i just want it to be fast and track straight

Working from plans using marine ply and epoxy resins, we allow about that much to build our 17’, 24" beam, 45 lb. stitch and glue sea kayaks. Very simple process, very nice boat. We allow about 60-80 hours per kayak - maybe allow 100 hours for a first boat.

Ours are VOLKSKAYAKs, but there dozens of other designs out there. S&G gives you one heck of a bang for your buck.

I’m sure you’ve said it before
but tell us where you are located again. Craigslist for your area often has good deals. For example, someone is offering a used Necky Manitou 14 for $500 here.

im right on lake lanier
in north ga

im not ready today
this is what i am trying to save.i like to have things to look forward to

I’m not sure how handy you are. I hear from a number of people that these are easy to build. I’m about to take my second shot at it. They’re well under $500. If nothing else, looking around the site can help give you an understanding for how a Skin on Frame is built.

– James

Here’s one

– Last Updated: Nov-11-10 7:34 AM EST –

Kayak for Sale - Darien CT
Fibergalss - Lightweight: 36lbs.
Length - 14'8"
Width - 24" - Very stable
$600 includes paddle ($125 value)
Excellent beginner kayak. Great for shoreline paddling.
For more information contact:

ON the classifieds.
(It's not mine)

Look real hard at the Yostwerks SOF.

make a list and
wait, try out a lot of kayaks, figure out what you want and like. Make a list of the ones you would be happy with then keep searching.

Trust me one will come up for sale at some point, it might take a year or so but you’ll find one.

I picked up a sweet glass sea kayak for $400 with accessories and I also got a barely used foam core carbon Werner for less then $200.

Just be patient, do some research, and keep looking.