Is Adventure Kayak magazine any good

Thinking of subscribing.

I wouldn’t pay for it, but that is just me. I get a free subscription for being n ACA member, so do leaf through it. If that ever goes away, I won’t resubscribe.

I did just pay a lot to subscribe to Ocean Paddler, out of the UK. Close to $10 an issue.

Well… it’s no Sea Kayaker, but for the price - and considering the other (nondomestic) options - definitely worthwhile. I personally like Kanu, but it is expensive (and German).

Like Peter, my subscription is included with my ACA membership. It’s okay, but not a magazine I would pay to subscribe.

I’ve learned more from reading the online archives of the magazine Peter used to publish than from “Adventure Kayak.”

It has some good pictures. The magazine focuses on Canada and northern tier areas.