Is anyone able to identify this product or mod?

I’m googling ideas to make a touring kayak semi fishable and I was about to use a C clamp rod holder but I just saw a lot of images with this kind of table where you can mount a rod holder. I don’t want to drill my hull but a platform like this I wouldn’t mind.

Anyone did something like this? I can’t find anything online. It might be custom made but the fact I’ve seen it in so many pictures there must be a part list or something to create this?

Contact these guys and ask about the platform…


It would make a good camera mount platform too.

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Ah yeah seems all the images are from them. Tried to search in their store but no results. Hopefully they don’t make me buy a 650$ course just so I can get an answer lol.

Yeah seems great. I could even use it for more stuff.

My original idea was to C clamp rod holder over the skirt around the rim but then if I flipped in the water, I’d have to do one more step to get out and I think safety wise it’s best to avoid that.

If the platform doesn’t pan out or they don’t give me more info I think I will install a rod holder and drill through the day snack hatch cover. That way it’s not part of the hull and I feel more comfortable. I guess it will be annoying if I want to access inside there but hey, it is what it is with a touring kayak and me trying to make it fisheable.

I bet you could design and fabricate something similar out of plywood


As I was afraid of, they advised it’s teached part of their sea kayak fishing course. They offered doing a private tutoring class instead but like come on, I can’t bring myself to pay all that for just a parts list. They refused to give out a parts list for free. I hate our capitalist society sometimes, sigh

Yeah I’ll have to figure it out. Didn’t think about plywood, thought it was some kind of plastic maybe? But all I can find is clear acrylic to buy sheets of.

Buy a small, plastic chopping board. Drill holes in all four corners. Glue two lengths of thick pool noodles (that will conform to the curve of your foredeck) to the back of the long sides, or cut four sections and glue them on as feet. Screw a surface mount rod holder to it and attach it to the foredeck bungees with paracord and carabiners. Cost? Maybe $30.

Make a few and sell them for $50. :wink:


How about a small stool available at Walmart or elsewhere? We have 3 7" inch high stools for our dog to get a good look out some windows around our house and it seemed to look about the same height. $8 each


Thank you both for your suggestions. The plastic cutting board is a great idea, I will still try and fashion it the same way as in the pictures I see and with rubber feet but yeah, thanks so much. I was missing this.

Seattle Fabrics sells the slim black nylon plastic snap clips that are better than carabiners for clipping items to deck rigging with bungee, 1/2” webbing or paracord (all of which are also sold by Seattle Fabrics)… For your base. you could probably modify a plastic kiddy step stool or one of the $10 knockoffs Aldi’s occasionally sells of the “Squatty Potty”. Most discount stores sell the compact foldable mini step stools of substantial plastic, easily drilled to attach straps and some have rubber padded feet.

Sorry is this what you mean? If so, yeah seems better idea to attach the locking straps. But yeah no matter carabineer or this, I can simply hook them into my deck line plastic rig point and sould work perfect.

Here’s my blueprint for hte rest, I don’t really like modifying an existing stool. I’m going to get a 3/4inch or 1 inch thick cutting board and use wooden dowels for the feet, I can cut to my lenght. Would like some kind of plastic feet/pole but can’t find anything that is not hollow. Probably around 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch diameter and cap them off with rubber tips. I’ll attach them with a wood screw going through the plastic board and into the feet. I think it should be secure enough. My only worry is water and wood but I will paint it but still I don’t tihnk it’s enough but we will see what happens. I love making my own thing I can just fix it or modify as needed.

Also I’m shopping for regular webbing locking straps at my local stores and EVERYTHING is with buckles. So weird how people prefer buckles? Feel like it will add a poential failure point and I just want a locking strap, I don’t need to always dissasemble the straps, it’s all hooked with the hook/biner at the end, just need straps for tightness adjustment. A store has one I found but it’s pretty far, will have to plan my trip there if I don’t find anything else

It sounds like you have this well in hand. Of course use SS hardware, including wood screws. It would be worth the extra couple of dollars.

Please post some photos when you get it finished.

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You can get plastic materials in various sizes and shapes, for example:

HDPE Boat Board, Marine Grade Plastic Sheet | BuyPlastic

Free Enterprise… buddy of mine was harvesting in Lac Superior and hooked a couple that large
with a homemade handline of Inuit design. Just to do it.

That product looks like you can plant the rod/reel and brace for the nantucket sleigh ride.
I think I would rather have a good PFD.

Peace J

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Thanks for the suggestion but I’m in Canada, seems to expensive to ship it over.

For my base I’ve decided to use the OXO Good grips Prep cutitng board, it’s about 7 inches x 11 inches and seem to be perfect sized, no need for cutting. It is also solid I can barely flex it with my hands, I think it should hold ~ 10lbs good enough.

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Anxious to see pics. Good luck.

Get these Delrin cam buckles connectors for 3/4" or 1" nylon webbing from Seattle Fabrics. I have those on straps on several accessories including the mesh cargo covers on my sit on top folding kayak. They also sell better webbing than you will get at most other places. Prices are good.