Is anyone else gaining weight?

I have never watched as much TV at night as now. And snacked as much.
I have not been able to find anyone of my regular paddling group to go with. Many are back at work.
Unfortunately I can’t paddle alone because I can’t reload alone and my wife forbids it. I have a very difficult time walking.
But, I can paddle !
Enough whining , less eating , and there are many exercises I can do. And haven’t. And we are having a real, beautiful spring.

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Gaining weight? … Yes, since 1997. :wink:

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No. I am loosely following a Paleo diet. Snacking is dangerous

I surely do empathize with you. I’ve been in pretty much the same boat.

I’m finally losing a little, though I’m getting older and I just don’t burn calories like I used to. Two years ago I had a hip replacement and gained weight while recovering. Did a couple very mild fall paddle trips planned around avoidance of rugged landings or any portages and looked forward to stepping up the pace next spring. I went back to work over winter, started losing just a bit of weight, then last March had a ladder slide out from under me at work and I broke my other leg - and gained yet more weight while recovering. So now that I can finally get active again - carefully - lo, the weight is inching down. But I’ve never been heavier than I was last winter. It’s not a good thing.

BTW, If you live in a cold climate and you’re getting older, don’t buy a wet suit in fall. They’re really unforgiving of weight gain. If it fits tight and right in fall, you won’t be able to squeeze into it next spring - when the water is cold and you’ll want it - leaving it half zipped won’t do, you know… Don’t ask how I know.

Gravity! (says Rickie Lee)
I’ll tell ya where it is,
it’s Gravity!

And gravitas of situation,
to diminish us with inflation,
as we swell in our habitation
hunkered with a trepidation,

and we narrow neath expansion,
of the angst now building mansion,
roundst once thin man grown in fashion,
to exude all consumed ration.

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Getting tan from the refrigerator light


Well winter hung on long enough and now that it is sunmer I have to have a wrestling match with drysuit
Taint gonna be pretty and I might find out how drysuits perform after you split the butt.
I’ ve been in freshwater close to shore and avoiding this inevitable confrontation
Funny how we expect the fridge to procure new tasties between each door opening

My summer pants still fit . They are blessed with Lycra My drysuit is not

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Tom Brady ripped his pants. You could be in good company.

We don’t have either a scale or any TV reception. But all my clothes fit the same as they did before.

Later start to paddling and less often this year, yes. More walking, though.

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On the plus side I’ve really perfected my banana bread.

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Unfortunately I’m losing weight since my gym has been closed. I’m not happy about it.

I’m guessing you may have had this song in mind - it fits pretty well. Thanks
“Twice as much
ain’t twice as good
It can’t sustain
Like one half could
Its wanting more
gonna’ send me to my knees”
Stay the hell away from me
Its taken better men than me
Keep me where the light is…”

DD, does your gym have a buffet?

I CAN’t believe it, but two weeks ago, I got on the scale at the doc’s, where I’d gone for a blood draw. and when the vampire entered, I asked her if the sliding weight counterbalance scale was correct. She said she thought so.

Got home, stepped on our contemporary glass-topped home compression scale, same number.

Whoa… I had lost ten pounds…

Tried another sliding weight scale last week. Still nine pounds light!

When this is all over, I might be a candidate for AA. But not OA, LOL

I SHOULD be fat as a tick. Been eating way too many brownies and ice cream. Thank God for the bicycle 'cause I think it’s the only reason my weight seems reasonable and steady.

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I am stuck at home with plenty of time, so now I start each day with a walk in the desert of at least one hour. Now I am losing weight. Headed from 220 to 205 at 6’2".

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I’ve been losing a bit of weight ever since I got tired of snack food. Seldom eat chips any more and cut way back on sweets. Probably because it’s so hot and humid.

Clothes still fit, but weight goes up and down. About normal right now.

It’s not safe anymore to launch from a public ramp around here on the weekend – almost no masks, overcrowded parking, and people all over the docks and ramps. Same for bike trails with overcrowding, masks, and refusing to distance. It was much better until about a month ago. Gotta go during the week, preferably early morning.

So, 2 of my 4 B’s, those being boats, bikes, bows and beer are less available. But my weight seems OK.