is freedomhawkkayaks the ultimate kayak

so after searching the web for the perfect kayak i found this website

i am awed by the concept and i wish i had enough money to buy this.

what do you guys think of this kayak?

would you buy it if you had the money?


not for me
Depends on what you are doing. If you were primarily focused on fishing in areas where standing was beneficial, then maybe (though a lot of people can stand in standard sit on top fishing boats also). If your fishing doesn’t involve standing, then he extra weight and complexity wouldn’t give you any benefit. And if you are not fishing, definitely not the right boat.

Of course not
Like all kayaks it works for a narrow area of activity. Want to paddle around the southern tip of South America in one???

Not awed and no
I’ve seen these boats up close at demos. Might like them if I went kayaking to fish in flattish warm water. Not even close for the kayaking we do.

The only ultimate kayak is the one you haven’t tried yet.

frredom yak
seems to have many parts.

some realy like it…some not so mutch.

its more a fly fishing kayak if you ask me.

if you look at the seats for some model…they are not that great for long paddle.

the best way is to try yourself at demo days

Stable but heavy
We carried this line at the paddle shop that I worked but dropped them. Concept is good (for backwater fishing platform), stability is great. Some people love them (fishing for reds in mosquito lagoon).

One issue is weight. The 14’ boat is 79 pounds.

You can take off the pontoons to save some weight, but these didn’t sell well here in Orlando.

Greg Stamer

are you kidding me?
Not even close!

game, set, match.

It’s a fishing platform
I get the aspect of kayaking that is trendy and faddish, even appreciate what it does to keep shops in business. This isn’t ultimate or a kayak but if some like it and it pays the bills, fine.

Is it just me…
…or does this thread seem like a poorly-disguised shill for the company mentioned?

Sounds like marketing to me

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And not very slick. The OPer should have been smart enough to reply by now.

Seems like …
there’s a much more elegant solution. Just carry two uninflated paddle floats and a spare paddle, broken down. When you get to your fishing destination, assemble and bungee the paddle across the back, inflate the floats, and there you are. Almost no weight, does not compromise hull design, and if you don’t need to use it, you don’t bring it.

Since I haven’t tried this, it’s possible a paddle might not have the right dimensions for the floats to reach the water on either side, so perhaps some clever inventor could design a relatively inexpensive, use-specific brace that would do the job.

Just give me 10% royalty. Thanks!

It’s a BARGE
Sure it floats but it is a massive barge

Specs put 14ft yak at 31inches wide and 79lbs

Ouch - I don’t want to paddle that anywhere

WS Tarpon
You would be better off with a Wilderness Systems Tarpon. At least it will paddle more like a kayak than a floating dock.