Is it a good thing…

When the boats on the rack are worth more than the car underneath. I say yes. We had a beautiful wood/canvas prospector, a Wildfire, and a brand new Rapidfire on the rack of an old VW Golf. Trade-in value on the Golf - $500. I think we have our priorities right.

Morning Eck…
hey, whatever works…nice boats for sure. Hey, we had 13 boats in our group yesterday, doing the Riverton run. I participated in 3 or 4 rescues, poled nearly the whole 15 miles, attained Steep Bank (level was sweet for that rapid, around 300ish cfs), and led several kayaks through the mine fields that that low level creates. Only out 3 times this year, and twice has been with the “Jersey Boys”. Thinking of offering a guide service when I retire lol…(semi lol…some mention made yesterday)…

Sounds nice…
I should have brought my poling boat yesterday - the level on the Assabet would have been perfect. Always love the Riverton trip, and we’ve had some good loads in your truck

Retirement? We’re not old enough :wink:

I’ve never hauled canoes on their sides.
How’s that work at highway speed?

To the OP, most of my paddling life, the boats on the car have been worth more than the car they were mounted on.

Had 3 polers
My biking/hiking/paddling/poling buddy Paul, “fearless leader” Bob from the HRCKC, and myself. Love when the out of staters show, 'cuz they mainly bring CANOES!

Never had a problem

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with canoes on their side. It definitely makes room on the rack, and I think it is sturdier that stacking boats on top of each other. My WW boat did a 6 hour drive up to Maine that way, and back - no problem. At highway speeds I definitely tie down the bow and the stern.

Yanoer - I'd say you've got your priorities in the right place.

CT and kayakers

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I'd have to agree - there is a definite shortage of CT-based canoeists.

It was a usual thing (once upon…
…a time in ole New Hampshire), wherein the value of the transport vehicle multiplied by pi and divided by the unsquare roof beneath the 24.95 Home Depot roof rack is equal to the boat’s value divided by the interstate (or is it interstate’s numeric designation?). Not completely sure if I’ve got that equation correct, but you might consult with some trajectory traumatic physicists from the Canoe Propulsion Laboratories of Portsmouth and Penancecooked, err, Penacook. Doctors DougD and ScottB, I believe. (The last names have been initialized to protect the non-innocents.)

Well, all I can say about the ole lady Golf, she’s a well stacked! Is that Rapid fire sportin’ both Cobra skin and wood at the rails?

Oops. Just zoomed in to the photo.
Tannish fabric used at the rails, I see. Neat. Gave the illusion of wood rails from a distance.

I’ve often considered getting a beater to carry boats. It’s nice not having to fuss or worry about the car.

Paddling has turned my current car
into a beater. My wife says that it smells like a pond - I think it smells good :wink:

Brand new Rapidfire
That Rapidfire was a beautiful boat. I don’t know what it weighed, but it wasn’t much. First time in the water, and it now has a couple of scratches.

That reminds me - all winter my car still had the whiff of neoprene.

I’ve only had them flat on the gunwales.

As long as it runs, eh?
Sadly, I had to give up on the old Trooper this year. Boat hauler I have now is newer. Does that mean it’s time to upgrade canoes?

If you want your priorities straight
the boats need to be worth more that the car…

If I count the ones…
…that won’t fit on the roof, and the paddles and other gear - no problemo.

I’d prefer to strap them down flat
but sometimes there isn’t enough room on the rack. The other option is to stack one on top - we’ve done that as well

It just doesn’t seem as sturdy.

And as summertime arrives soon, when…

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...all the pungent aromas of riparian repast meld into a fine, fragrant melange, and all the dangling carboard pine trees and cannisters of Febreze cannot displace that carpet & upholstery hugging perfume which quickly affixes itself to your very own being, then, the Misses might state to you:

Spooning Canoes
I’m surprised you didn’t flip the side-mounted canoes in the other direction, i.e., open side towards the flat mounted canoe. That way, the curve of the sideways canoe matches the curve. Spooning. Sort of.

With the boats curving away from each other, seems like on the highway the air would be forced between the opposed curves and form an aerodynamic wedge.