Is it a serious whitewater touring kayak

Has anyone paddled a Prijon Combi 359 WW model?

I would think so, as long as what you
want to do is touring. I believe it was Kodiaks selected for a fast run of the Grand Canyon, each boat carrying all its own gear. But the play potential of such boats is quite limited, and they are not for touring technical rivers where their maneuvering would be severely challenged.

I have test paddled the Combi Tour
and it was a really nice boat, great thigh braces and foot braces. The hull is super rigid and solid, definately well made. Dry hatches also well designed. I would really loved to buy it, but after test paddling it for a while it was clear that it was not a boat for someone who’s paddling would be 50% or more flat water. It required pretty regular correction to stay straight, and that was only during a short spin around a pond/cove on a river to test paddle. However if you really need a boat that will handle the rough water well, and be ok for the flat stretches in between then I’d think it will perform well.

Not sure where you are located, but if you are in NJ or Eastern PA I test paddled it at Jersey Paddler in Brick, NJ.

Good Luck

I am also considering this boat and will test paddle one next week. I had my son test paddle one last week and he gave me positive feedback on the boat. He said it was a very comfortable boat to paddle. As a short boat it will require corrections to keep on track. However it does come with an optional bolt on skeg for those days when you might want better tracking. I build my own boats and have several long boats but I want one I can take into rocky rapids. This boat seems like the ideal boat for light white water use with enough room to pack a few days worth of supplies.

Combi Tour
I have had the CombiTour for 2 years now. It was my first kayak, and although I have moved up to a Necky Chatham 16 as my primary boat, I kept the Prijon and it still gets used when I’m in WW or narrow or windy streams or creeks. I’ve had it in class I and II with no problem, and some easy class III but I usually end up getting rolled, probably more my lack of WW skills than boat issues. I think it is a great compromise boat; it can do ok in flatwater and ok in WW, does neither great but both acceptably well. The plastic is excellent quality, very rigid and the outfitting in the cockpit is superb, although I chose to add additional hip pads for rolling and boat control. The day hatch is convenient, but the yellow rubber gasket has given me some problems. The stern hatch stays bone dry, even after 10-20 rolls.

day hatch and skeg, Combi 359 WW
thanks for pointing out the day hatch. I hadn’t noticed in the picture the little dayhatch in front of the cockpit. The description doesn’t give the size, but it can’t be all that big if it fits between your knees. Is there room for dry bags in the bow beyond the foot pegs?

Never having seen one of these kayaks in person I’m curious whether its just another recreational kayak or is it a decent whitewater kayak for weekend river camping.

If I’m seriously considering buying one my local dealer will get one in for me to try, but I’d hate for him to get stuck with something he can’t sell.

Is the bolt on skeg easy to install?

Dry bags…
Their is a lot of room forward of the footpegs for dry bags, in fact I keep TWO large flotation bags inflated up front when I do WW. Ant the rear hatch is really large! Easily fit a tent, sleeping bag in a compression sack and some vittles and cook stove back there. The day hatch is actually fairly large, it will easily fit a large bottle of water, VHF radio, cell phone and some munchies. It is definitely NOT a rec boat. It has a hard multi-chine hull, easy to get up on edge and hold. I’ve never found I needed the skeg, especially on rivers.

I looked at one yesterday, nice kayak
I’m pretty impressed with the quality of construction and the over all appearance. As you pointed out, the day hatch is plenty big enough for essentials, and the stern hatch has plenty of room for minimalist camping gear. Forward of the pegs has enough room for 2 20L dry bags. It would only take a few minutes to add attachment points for a Seals Baja Deck Bag on the outside for even more storage.

There is an on-water demo day June 9th at Appomattox River Company in Farmville, Virginia so I’ll get a chance to paddle it then.

I’m interested in it for river camping but also as a boat for my friends who are moving up from recreational kayaks to whitewater kayaks but still want to have a faster boat on the flats than most of the 7 and 8 foot whitewater models.

long WW boats
Also look at the Prijon Chopper and Athlete – they may be reasonable options for the river-running folks.