is it possible..

is it possible to roll in a pamlico 120?

I read somewhere on here you could roll the Queen Mary if ya had enough hip action or leverage !!

Seems to me…

…you’d have to be pretty skinny or you’d get wedged under the front deck.

you could roll the Queen Mary
Yup, that’s the word from certain experienced folk.

Though an ocean liner (or recreational kayak) may not be among the easiest boats to roll or to learn to roll.

I’ve seen a paddler roll a canoe. I know of paddlers rolling Swiftys, so is is certainly ‘possible’ to roll a Palmico.

the way you guys are talking its not looking very promising… me being 225lbs… would the skirt even hold me in upside down? lol :slight_smile: <br />

thanks guys

A half roll is easy

skirt doesn’t
A skirt never holds you in. That isn’t it’s purpose. The paddler is holding themselves in with the legs. While it is possible to roll any boat where you have some sort of “purchase”, it is near impossible for a beginner to learn to roll a kayak without it being fitted.

Think in terms of 5 points of contact - butt, both knees or thighs, both feet. Without that contact, rolling a boat is difficult.

I have rolled big tubs before, without a skirt by sitting with legs splayed and the bottoms of my feet touching eachother. That allowed for “contact” on the sides of the boat. With that and a hip snap, it allows for rolling. That is not a natural position for most to be in a kayak and not particularly comfortable or conducive to learning to roll

Basically recreational boats are not meant to be rolled and therefore not good boats to learn to roll in.


why roll something that requires so much effort to roll, or is not prone to capsizing in the first place?

Definitely possible
but don’t use it to learn a roll in, you’ll only be frustrated.

Once you have a roll, you can evaluate whether the Pamlico will roll or not. If you fit pretty snugly and can get a good grip on the side of the boat with your knees, you should be able to roll it OK. You’ll find it a lot easier, however, if you outfit the boat with thigh braces and a few bits of foam to fill in the gaps between the sides of the boat and your hips. With proper outfitting, you could roll just about anything.


My reasons
To cool off quickly in the summer and to impress the spectators. :slight_smile:


that makes since guys… thanks for the good info… the only reason i would even think of rolling is because ill be hitting some class 2s when fishing and i figure it might be a good skill to have in the back pocket anyways.