Is it worth anything?


I am just here hoping to get an opinion or two. I recently fixed up this Evergreen canoe, although I’m still waiting on the webbing to arrive for the seats.

I am giving this away as a wedding gift but my wife recently asked me how much I thought it was worth if I sold it.

I had no idea…

Does anyone have any idea how much refurbished canoes sell for these days?

The one picture is what it looked like when I bought it for $50. The picture of the inside, was not quite the final product as you can see the seats are not done yet.

Thanks everyone!


I hope you are not toying with us. If that line on the hull has been repaired properly, it is probably worth $500 to maybe $900 depending on the age and the amount of life left in the hull.

Well I hope it is fixed properly. Otherwise I may be getting wet tomorrow when I test it out.

No I just had no idea how much a fixed up canoe would be worth and I was curious.

Thank you for the reply.

Hi, Casey_s_Canoe,
It appears you’ve done some nice work repairing that nasty crack and refurbishing the woodwork; it’ll make a great gift. But if you decide to sell it instead, (and this goes without saying but I’m going to anyway) you should disclose the condition of the original hull (including pictures) and what you did to repair it. I’d want to know the history of that boat before shelling out $900, even $500. :slightly_smiling_face:


PS: Did you put drain holes in the end decks/gunwales? I often see rotting decks and gunwale ends because water doesn’t drain out properly.

Nice work… Of course it is worth something… Try to keep it under a grand. You can put a little hole in the end of the deck for drainage. I am sure you will make it look pretty.

Thank you all.

There is no drainage holes in the deck plates but I will keep that in mind for the my next one I fix up.

The guy i bought it from found it submerged in the Bella Coola River and then left it on his lawn for a few years. There was actually 5 cracks in total. They have all been grinded open, then fiberglass and epoxied back together. Then a little bondo autobody filler to level it out.

I think it will make a great gift. It has the seats now and I took it out for a spin already. It floats!

Casey you did a nice job of cleaning it up. Age, being underwater, and sitting out in the sun keep it from being worth more.

My Dad found an old rowboat on the bottom of the Spokane River in WA around 1950. We used it for years. My first canoe was a Sawyer Cruiser that had been wrapped. I paid $25 for it and paddled it for years. I sold it for $400. My Dad bought a 1929 Johnson 1 1/2 hp outboard for the rowboat. I still have it and it still runs.

Thanks ppine. I believe it is made in 2006 by Evergreen according to a HIN search. Not sure how long it was in the sun. But the fiberglass looked ok once I grinded away the crack and the surrounding few inches

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