Is Mariner back into production?

“As of Nov. 2006 we have begun filling some of the orders from the “hopeful” list we have been keeping since we stopped taking firm orders. If all goes well and we can supply kayaks in a more low key way we will accept deposits from those on the “hopefuls” list once we are confident we can build the kayak ordered in a reasonable amount of time. If you think you want a Mariner Sea Kayak call us and get your name added to our “hopeful” list. If you are already on that list, don’t worry you still are, we will contact you once we’re confident we can get you a kayak.”

what da you thank?

I’d say Matt is bored and has the energy to build a ‘few’ boats. no pressure…maybe, sorta, kinda we’ll build ya one…maybe.

sounds nice…

steve (out testing 2 new ones and 2 more soon!)

Great boats
Nice people…very knowledgeable.

I had the chance to get a Coaster two years ago when their retirement was announced,this is good to hear.

ps. I’ve got a stripped(deck rigging removed) Express for consignment at SpringRiver in Annapolis. For a very good price.

what i like about them
they tell you what the waterline length is with a certain load…with all manuf’s would do same.

That Would Be Cool…
Hmmm… maybe an elan or a coaster is possible. Gotta get rid of some of the unused boats though.


bet you must be proud, Steve…
“steve (out testing 2 new ones and 2 more soon!)”

I know I would be too if it were my design. I have seen your boats sold at Campmor in New Jersey.

They tell the truth
which upsets some customers. Mariner has always been about facts, even when they go against industry mis-information. They has a business model that allowed that freedom. I’ve always admired their approach, but can also understand why some manufacturers take a more neutral stance.

You want the Coaster Sing…trust me.

the Coaster is a nice boat
I really like the Coaster for kayak camping. With modern technology, it’s very easy to stuff up to two weeks worth of camping gear and food into the boat. Then when you hit camp, you can use the boat to fish in the meandering streams, and play in the surf. Furthermore, the boat is easy to portage.


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Unfortunatley, I bet it's probably easier to get one of the Rockhopper RH340 than a Coaster.


Yeah Tough When You Ain’t Got

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mega Confluence backing ya... But, then again, I don't think Confluence would do a Mariner hull. Too out of the usual. Not vanilla enough. Not knock. Just an observation about marketing by BIG companies.

Glad you get a steady check from them. Keep "plugging" at it.


sing-check your email…