Is my paddle fiberglass or carbon?

I have a Lendal four piece but I’m not sure what the blade and shaft are made of. Is there a way to tell by the look? The shaft and blades may be different material.

Lendal website?

Usually, you could expect unpainted
blades or shafts to be black if carbon, and cream, tan, or possibly some dye color if fiberglass.

However, it is quite common to find paddle shafts that are fiberglass, but have been painted black like carbon, or some other color.

SO, as bb said, the Lendal website is your sure bet.

I have a solution …
but it involves cutting … :wink:

You could also take it to a post office and weigh it.

Why do you care … if you don’t know what you bought?

Just sell it
I you get less than $200 for it, it was fiberglass, otherwise it was CF. :wink:


cc = carbon
cf = plastic reinforced with carbon

fg = fiberglass

The carbon blade is unmistakable…has carbon weave. CF is dull black no weave.


That and Lendal’s CF is heavy!
and “pure plastic” is even heavier -:wink: