Is My Radio Dead?

I have a Standard Horizon HX 300. This weekend it started making continuous static noises and the Busy icon is on the screen. I cannot receive any transmissions, not even the weather channels. Adjusting the squelch does not rectify the problem, nor does changing channels or removing and reinstalling the battery.

I swam for a few minutes last week, nothing the radio hasn’t experienced before. I rinsed it off and it was working then. Now, not so much.

Radio is just over two years old. Any thoughts?

Does it still do it and from different locations? I often get static when someone far away has the mic keyed. Sometimes squelch takes it out but not always. I go through busy locations and sometimes there is nonstop static.

Is the antenna screwed in snug and are the contacts clean?

Yes, does it everywhere. On the water, at home, in car. I can always hear the weather channel regardless of where I am. But not any more.

Antenna tightly screwed in.

Looks like the warranty is three years. Out of warranty repair is flat rate $75, which doesn’t sound too bad to me.

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Send it back. Look in battery compartment for corrosion.

No sign of corrosion. I ordered a replacement antenna. The radio itself looks perfect but the antenna is just a little bent. It’s worth the $19 to see if that’s the problem. I’m hoping I don’t have to send it back because I don’t have another radio and don’t really want to be radio-less for an undefined period of time. Antenna should be here in a few days.

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Water leaking in around the antenna or it the rubber coating on the antenna is cracked can cause problems. On my older Standard Horizon radios I’ve taken to installing an o-ring with silicone lubricant between the antenna and where it screws in, although this will not help with a cracked coating. The newer radios come with a rubber seal at the base of the antenna.

New antenna didn’t help. Called them today, they didn’t hesitate to say “ship it back”