Is my Yakima JayLow rack defective?

I’ve been using the Yakima JayLow rack to transport one of my kayaks, however I’m worried that the one I got is defective. I bought this model because the bar can be set at two angles, a tilted angle if you are carrying a single kayak, or at a 90 degree angle straight up so you can carry two kayaks. It’s supposed to be able to be locked in either of those positions.

However the one I have, when locked in either position, it takes only a moderate amount of pressure to push the bar out of that position. I normally have it pointing straight up, and a not even firm press will push it into the tilted position, and more worryingly, further pressure will push it EVEN MORE tilted.

Anyone who owns the JayLow has this issue, or is your rack solidly locked in both positions? Am I using it wrong? I don’t think there is any tightening to do. As far as I can tell you just pull the red lever to unlock the J-arm, then push the lever back to lock it in place, but neither of my J-arms are staying locked.

Nice when my memory is accurate.

Look at Illustration #2.5

The red handle is a cam with a threaded bolt attached. With the handle unlocked rotate clockwise 360 degrees to tighten the locking action. Repeat as necessary.

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In addition to Marshall’s advice, I can add that this tightening is much easier if you clamp the uprights, or squeeze them together before you try turning the red lever.


That did the trick! Thanks for the advice.