Is Northern Lights Paddle Company closed

I own the two types of Northern Lights paddles but need shorter looms

One other reasons I purchased these paddles from Northern Lights was the interchangeability of the looms

How’re after 1 1/2 years of trying to contact Paul I wonder if Northern Lights has gone out of business

My last. Communication with Paul on this subject was a year ago and both on phone and via email he said he had my 14 " loom center section almost ready but he has not responded to my multiple emails and phone calls since

I called the Florida dealer he lists on his website and they had not been able to reach him either

Has his business folded?

If not does anyone have alternate ways of contacting Paul?

try calling this dealer
Marshall posts on this site and seems to be a straight shooter.

The River Connection

(845) 229-0595

Paul is guiding
in Brazil this month on the Amazon where internet and cell phone coverage is spotty to say the least.

He is now based for at least a good part of the year here: São Paulo, Brazil

I contact him occasionally via facebook and he has always been good about getting back in touch except for those extended times when he is guiding.

Northern lights paddle
I have called and emailed Paul once a month for the last year trying to purchase a shorter center piece, inluding writing to the snail mail address he sent my two paddles from

The one dealer who is listed as selling his paddles has dropped him for lack of response also

sounds like a real failure
to communicate. Sorry it’s happening to you.

When I msg Paul he always gets back w. me. Earlier this year he sent me two pair of greenland paddle rubberized tips, gratis, to check them out.

He’s on fb and does chat. If you fb.

Too big?
I think maybe Paul has spread himself too thin for a one man band. If he’s gonna continue with all these lines… Waterfield Kayaks, Northern Lights Paddles, Reed Accessories, Amazon Guiding, then he’s gonna need to hire some help. Or he will eventually fail at all his ventures because he will lose that which is most important in business. Trust and credibility. If he fails to deliver in one area, like giving a prompt and satisfactory response to a customers concern about a product that they previously purchased, that may well create a negative impression to other potential consumers that may be interested in one of his other products.

northern lights paddle looms
I too need a shorter loom. Has anyone tried cutting one down?

In Brazil
Paul is currently on the Amazon. He should be back, in a few days. Hopefully he will chime in, upon his return.