Is Norway sea conditions are safe?


I plan to travel to Norway in June and July and August and sail with kayak I buy, is it safe (I have no previous experience)?

Is this a joke?

Find an outfitter there, take some
lessons, and let the outfitter staff take you on some easy day trips.

Not safe if you have no experience and you will be alone.

no experience kayaking, or with Norway
When you say no experience, can you expand?

If not experience kayaking and no experience with Norway, then there is a lot of risks.

If you are a experienced kayaker, but don’t know Norway, then the risks likely could be mitigated through getting local knowledge.

If experienced with Norway but not with kayaking, then the mitigating process would be to learn kayaking before you go.

Not a good idea!
Norwegian Westcoast ist a very rough, lonely and cold part of the Atlantik Ocean. It’s okay for whale-watching but not for you. At south coast weather may be better but there are sometimes extreme currents.

Forget it!!!

not if you’re a novice

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and even if you have experience, even more protected fjord have tides.

Why not find a tour guide and be honest about your abilities? You will have more fun in the long run.

It's a beautiful country and I'm envious. I'm convinced you can find a way to enjoy the paddling if you go about it safely, wisely and with local guidance.

you be the judge
I believe it is very safe if you have the skills of these guys:

While admittedly it is not “always” like that, it can be.

You be the judge if it is safe, don’t ask other people to validate your own limitations.

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I think it’s a troll …

and Norway is quite well known for trolls too.

Good God, Y’all

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Don't you know April First is April Fool's Day?


I fell for it hook, line and sinker.


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I forget where...maybe thru Google Images.Read thru a photo essay on a multi day family kayak camping trip in a Fjord area.

Looks good ! Like the buff beach boys posing on the Inside Passage.

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